Looking to get your anger out?

Get your emotions out with the Yell Pillow.

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We all have anger inside of us.

Everyone you've ever met has anger, rage, and sadness inside of them, including me and you. It's completely normal and part of being human. We all sometimes feel a strong need to scream and yell to get out our anger when things aren't going our way.

Why is that?

Ever heard the saying "They're bottling everything up." when talking about someone who has trouble with anger? That's actually a very good way to think about how our body stores emotions. Think of each person you know, including yourself, as having a bottle where they store all their anger, sadness, fear, rage and other dark emotions.

Each person is born with a different sized bottle and each person's bottle is filled with different amounts of emotions and filled up at different levels. Some people's bottles are almost empty, some are halfway filled, some are almost filled, and some are overflowing. When your bottle starts to overflow with emotions, the emotions start to come out in different ways: getting irritated easily, being impatient, wanting to scream, crying at random times and getting mad over things you wouldn't normally get mad over.

The best way to get these emotions out is to physically let them out. Everyone has yelled when they've gotten angry and felt so much better afterwards once they got it out.

The problem is anger is the one emotion you're not allowed to show in public or with friends and family. Many of us are taught that you're not supposed to be angry or let others see that you're angry. The truth is that whether we ignore it or not, we still have the anger inside us...and it's going to come out somehow.

Adults and children can also judge you or get scared if you get angry and raise your voice. They may label you as 'crazy' or 'unhinged' or may talk about you behind your back.

No one wants to lose relationships or hurt others because of their anger.

So how do you get your anger out, so you feel better, without affecting others? Many people go into a car and drive around and yell, which is cathartic, but is dangerous while driving and can be heard by others around you. Some people use their sleep pillow to scream and yell in the hopes no one hears it, especially if they live in an apartment building or in a house with other people around. Sleep pillows were designed for sleep comfort though, not noise reduction, so others can often hear you getting angry.

What you need is something that will allow you to get your anger out in a safe way without affecting or alerting others to your anger.

That's where the Yell Pillow comes in.

The Yell Pillow allows you to get your anger and sadness out without others knowing. Now when you feel that anger rising up inside of you and you need to let it out, you can yell and scream into the Yell Pillow anytime and anywhere...and nobody will know. That way you get your anger or sadness out and feel better, but not look like a crazy person to others. 🙂

The Yell Pillow is the first pillow designed for noise reduction. It's designed to reduce the sound of your yelling, screaming and crying more than a standard pillow, but also look like a standard pillow, so you can get your emotions out, feel better, and no one is the wiser.

It can also be used to punch if you feel like you physically need to punch something as well or hide crying noises.

Oh, and it's comfortable to sleep on too. 🙂

See what others are saying.

5 / 5

I've needed to get my anger and sadness out for so long. Yell Pillow has been a god send. This has saved my relationship with my husband and kids.

5 / 5

I didn't want my family hearing how pissed off I was getting from dealing with work. Yell Pillow gives me the ability to get out my frustration without affecting my family.

5 / 5

Sometimes I just feel sad and need to vent, but my roommates are always around. Yell Pillow lets me get my emotions out and I can get back to being me.

5 / 5

I feel sad often and I need an outlet without being judged. The Yell Pillow really has allowed me to be cathartic without having to worry about others.

5 / 5

I CAN FINALLY SCREAM AND YELL!! I FEEL FREE! The Yell Pillow has let me get my anger out without venting on my kids or letting them hear me.

5 / 5

My wife wants to thank you guys. She says I'm so much more pleasant now after I let my frustration out on the Yell Pillow. Thank you again.


You'll feel so much better.

Once you have the Yell Pillow you'll be able to start getting those dark emotions like anger and sadness out of you at any time in the comfort of your own bedroom...or anywhere else.

When you get those emotions out, you'll feel lighter, happier, and open up space inside yourself to get even more emotions out that you have bottled up.

As you work on getting those emotions out, you'll feel better each day. Your bedroom or anywhere you take Yell Pillow will be a sanctuary where you get out your emotions and feel better each day.


Noise Reduction

First pillow designed for noise reduction so you can safely and easily get your anger out anywhere.

Brandless Packaging

Comes in a package with no branding so you don't have to worry about others seeing that you ordered.

Queen Size

Comes as a standard Queen size bed pillow (26"L x 18"W) that does not stand out from other pillows on your bed.

Keeps Shape

Yell Pillow is designed to keep its shape to maximize noise reduction for as long as you use it.


100% cotton cover features breathable fiber which increases airflow.

Sleep Comfort

Can also be used as a regular sleep pillow. Has received good reviews for sleeping as well.

How to use it.

Hold Yell Pillow comfortably between two hands.

Put face comfortably into the middle of the Yell Pillow and let your emotions out.

Always make sure to breathe between screaming, yelling, and crying.

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The Yell Pillow


Best noise reduction pillow on the market. Feel comfortable getting your emotions out.


Yell Pillow is designed for all ages and genders.


100% Cotton Cover. Polyester Fabric Lining. Polyester Microfiber Fill.


Fade resistant and stain resistant, so you’ll never have to worry. Our pillows are machine washable.


Our team’s first priority is keeping you happy with your purchase! We are passionate about what we do and proud of the products we offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be quick to respond!

How to order.

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Yell Pillow

Noise Reducing Pillow

  • Best noise reducing pillow on the market.
  • Brandless packaging.
  • Breathable.
  • Comfortable for sleep.
  • Queen size.
  • Get your emotions out anytime, anywhere.
  • Feel lighter, happier, and better.


Will I really feel better?

Think of Yell Pillow as your own mini-therapy session where you can get out all the day's and year's troubles from the comfort and safety of your own home or apartment. You will feel better when you get those emotions out just as you have in the past.

Why are emotions stored in the body?

No one is exactly sure why that is. What we do know is that studies have shown that emotions we carry around are stored in the body.

Can I use Yell Pillow for sleep?

Yes, definitely. It wasn't designed for sleep comfort, but we've had many people tell us that it is not only good for getting anger out, but that they also use it as one of their favorite sleep pillows.

Can I order one for friends and family?

Yes, just let them know you're ordering one for them because we use brandless packaging and they might not know where the package is from.

Have questions?

Contact us.


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About Yell Pillow.

I created the Yell Pillow after discovering how much better I felt after I let out my emotions. The problem I was having was I didn't want to let those emotions out around other people. I didn't want to be judged or compromise my relationships with friends and family when I wanted to let my anger out.

I hope you find the Yell Pillow as useful as I have and most importantly I hope the Yell Pillow helps you get out your dark emotions and feel better.